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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Elevate Your Business Using Targeted Advertising Campaigns. Whether Your Intent Is Brand Awareness, More Traffic or Increased Conversions, PPC Is One Of The Most Cost Effective Ways To Accomplish These Goals

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Benefits To Pay-Per-Click Advertising

+Motivated Buyers Searching For Goods / Services

+Higher ROAS

+Comprehensive Campaign Data

+ Affordable For All Budgets

– Eliminates Annoying Disruptive Advertising

– Less Wasting Ad Budget

– No Guessing About Ad Effectiveness

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Types

Search Ads

Google & Microsoft Advertising
Key Benefits Of Search Ads 

3.5 Billion Google Searches Per Day

Keyword Driven Ad Impressions

Various Ad Extensions To Promote Business

Manual & Automated Bidding Strategies

Target All Stages Of Buying Funnel

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Shopping Ads

Google & Microsoft Advertising
Key Benefits Of Shopping Ads 

Visually Appealing Image Ads

Prime Placement On Search Engine Results Page

Higher CTR, Lower CPC

Automated Product Inventory Updating

Benchmark Bidding (See Competitors Bids)

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Display Ads

Google & Microsoft Advertisng
Key Benefits Of Display Ads 

2 Million+ Google Search Partners

Customizable Image, Video, and Audio Content

Expand Brand Awareness

Target Affinity & Remarketing Audiences

Automated Responsive Ad Creation

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MonkeyFoo's Commitment To Excellence

Attention To Detail That Every Client Receives
  • Thorough Keyword Research (Short & Long Tail Keywords)

  • Persistant Negative Keyword Maintenence

  • Segmented Audience Lists (Relevant Visitors, Product Viewers, Cart/Checkout Abandoners)*

  • Targeted Remarketing Campaigns (RLSA, Display, Dynamic)**

  • Detailed KPI Reports

* Requires Linked Google Analytics Account. Depending On Business Vertical, Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Enabled May Be Required

** Requires Remarketing Tags/Pixels To Be On Website. To be Eligible For Remarketing Requires A Minimum Amount Of Visitors (Stored Cookies) Within Your Audience Sources.

Audience Size Minimum Requirements:

-Google Requirements Can Be Found Here

-Microsoft Ads is 300

-Facebook Ads Sizes Vary Depending On Audience Source, Typical Minimum Is 100

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