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Google Tag Manager

Customize The Data Collected From Your Website By Implementing Google Tag Manager. Understand Visitor Behaviors With Advanced Event Tracking

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What Is Google Tag Manager & What Can It Do For Me?

Google Tag Manager Is A Tag Management System That Inserts Tracking Scripts Known As Tags Into Your Website Code

    • Tags Pass Custom Data To An Analytics Platform Such As Google Analytics
    • Metrics Can Then Be Utilized To Understand How Users Interact With Your Site
    • Understand How Users Navigate Your Site. Gain Insight For Optimizing Layout / Functionality
    • Fully Optimize Site Will Drive More Traffic, Increase User Engagement, Drive More Conversions

Events To Track

  • Clicks

  • Form Tracking

  • Scroll Depth

  • Audio / Video Engagement

  • Time On Page

Understand User Behavior

Identify User Behaviors & Find Areas Of High Or Low Engagement


Increase Sales

Understand All Aspects Of Your Site & Optimize Accordingly To Maximize Profits

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MonkeyFoo's Tag Management Solutions

We'll Design Tracking Tags Based On Your Needs
  • 3rd Party Tag Implemention

  • E-commerce & Event Goal Conversion Tracking

  • 404 Error Tracking (Identify Bad Referral Links)

  • Server Side Tagging (Coming Soon)

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